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A.C. : "I have suffered from chronic eczema for more than 15 years, since I was a child. My mother is a nurse and she was concerned about the effect on my skin of long-term use of cortisone creams. She persuaded me to consult with Peter Dunseith to see if homeopathy could help my condition. I was prescribed a remedy 6 months ago and since then there has been a significant improvement in my eczema. I no longer need to use cortisone creams. I am really pleased with the result so far."

F.M. : "I am a young man who was suffering from depression. After spending a whole year going to different doctors and staying in several hospitals, I took the remedy which Peter gave me. During the first month, I felt continuous improvement on a mental level: I could study again, concentrate myself, had no suicidal thought and felt in touch with my emotions. Until today, I feel no strong relapse and can live my life in the way I did it before my depression. I was able to stop taking the anti-depressant medication. Homeopathy has cured my depression."

B.P. : "I consulted Peter because I had heard that homeopathy could help my arthritis. The arthritis in my thumb was extremely painful and limited the use of my hand. After taking the remedy that Peter prescribed, there was an initial flare-up of the arthritis, followed by a huge improvement when the pain disappeared and I regained full use of my hand. After some months there was a return of the symptoms, but another dose of the remedy took care of the problem. I am grateful to Peter and hugely impressed by the effectiveness of homeopathy."

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