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Peter Dunseith

About Me

I was a lawyer for 30 years with my own successful law practice. My interest in homeopathy became a passion after I worked as a volunteer with the Swaziland Homeopathy Project and experienced at first hand the remarkable healing power of this system of medicine. I retired from the law to train as a homeopath and graduated from the School of Homeopathy in Stroud after completing a four year diploma programme.
I am married with two children. My family has always preferred homeopathy to the antibiotics, steroids and other suppressive drugs and therapies prescribed by conventional medicine. Our reward is abundant energy, natural immunity and good health.
I run a weekly clinic at Sandville Self-Help Centre in Porthcawl. Otherwise I see private patients by appointment at my home in Llantwit Major.
I hold professional indemnity insurance and practise according to a strict code of ethics and practice. I regularly attend CPD events across the country to keep up with the latest developments within the field.
I am a classical homeopath, but I am trained in contemporary methods (including the Sensation Method) which I integrate into my case taking and case analysis.
I treat all manner and kind of ailments, acute and chronic, but I have special interest in the treatment of:
Eczema, asthma and arthritis
Allergies and hayfever
Irritable bowel syndrome
Children’s health issues associated with vaccination
Children diagnosed as ADHD, ADD and/or autistic
Mental health problems, such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety neurosis
Female hormonal problems, such as menstrual disorders, or difficulties going through the menopause
Male problems, particularly urinary problems, prostate enlargement and sexual dysfunction
Illness associated with a compromised immune system, and the side-effects of anti-retroviral drugs
If you have any questions about homeopathy or would like to discuss whether homeopathy can help with your particular problem, you are welcome to email or telephone me, with no obligation to book in.
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